iLifeSPAS are facilities authorised and certified by iLife in which the recovery of health and well-being as well as recuperation and relaxation from stressful everyday life are the focal point.

The guest can be pampered on the iLifeSOMM with music, gentle oscillations, vibrations, notes, sounds and fine micro-massage and attain complete relaxation in only 12 minutes. Some guests have the feeling of floating while doing so.

iLifeSOMM is the name of the system, whereby SOMM is the acronym standing for “Sensory Oscillating Multi-Modulation”. The procedure, which is referred to as SOMM method or SOMM therapy in expert circles, is regarded as one of the most promising healthcare innovations of the 3rd millennium.

Seven recognised forms of therapy with vibrations featuring relaxation therapies with music, note and sound therapy, electromagnetic therapies such as magnetic resonance and vibration therapies as well as micro-massage are harmonised in a single wellness system – iLifeSOMM – so that the effect of every single application is intensified.

A therapy session on the iLifeSOMM only takes 12 minutes. Here is how it can help you!