The Concept

Would you like to equip your top hotel with an iLifeSPA 6*? Here you will find out how to profitably implement this concept in your business.

iLifeSPA 6* for hotels and spas

The guest’s everyday life is characterised by high environmental burden, partially unbalanced and poor diet, often little exercise, constantly increasing requirements and above all by stress and hectic pace.

The fast pace of professional life has also meanwhile spread to habits during holiday. The guest seeks the greatest possible relaxation in the shortest time, which necessitates an optimal utilisation of the regeneration phase.

Today’s hotel guest not only expects outstanding quality and excellent service with respect to accommodation and culinary services. As a health-conscious person he or she doesn’t want to forget about fitness even during a business or holiday trip.

The iLifeSPA 6* cl cashless concept is precisely geared towards this trend. Click here to learn more!