iLifeSTAT – energy status-measurement

An iLifeSPA medwell location also has at least one iLifeSTAT energy status measuring station available.

Do you feel run down and out of energy? Then check your energy status!
Trained personnel measure your energy status noninvasively with the iLifeSTAT measurement system.

What are the benefits of measuring your energy status?
It can help you to recognize energy imbalances and blockages, which are often the cause of health problems, so you can take the right steps towards better health early on.

iLifeSTAT ProNutri - Food Intolerance Test

With iLifeSTAT ProNutri, the iLifeSPA medwell+ can be used to test your body’s tolerance of certain foods based on their respective frequency spectra.

Do you feel tired? Do you have digestion problems? Do you want to lose weight?

In just a matter of minutes we can test your intolerance to more than 540 foods, totally pain-free and without the need for a blood sample. The analysis allows us to create a nutrition plan that eliminates the need for weight loss diets. Click here to learn more!